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The role of GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park

Director, GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park

GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park "Asupia" was born after the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) approved Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture, as the site for one of its next-generation energy parks to expand use of solar power and other forms of new energy.
The basic idea behind Asupia is to "create a 'place for learning' in which children will notice and understand the links between energy-supported daily living and their communities through contact with next-generation energy." Given expectations that Asupia will simultaneously serve as a base for local revitalization, it also seeks to attract visitors to Genkai Town through effective use of local resources and is engaged in environment-friendly activities that focus on use of energy resources.
Genkai Town is situated in a rich natural setting of beautiful landscapes that feature the sea, mountains, clear streams, and the nationally famous Hamanoura Tanada terraced paddies. We think it is the perfect place to spend time relaxing and enjoying a peaceful stroll.
Through Asupia's various activities, we hope to utilize our community's status as an "energy town" as a starting point for discovery of new energy approaches for the future. GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park "Asupia": A place to have fun while learning about next-generation energy.
The "Asupiaz" and the entire Asupia staff look forward to seeing you.

GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park About the park's opening

The mayor of Genkai town Hideo Kishimoto

The GENKAICHO Next Generation Energy Park will soon open. The facility will be generally known by its nickname "Asupia." Situated next to Kyushu Electric Power Company's Genkai Energy Park, it will be a place for enjoying, experiencing, and learning about the entire Genkai area.
Genkai Town is home to the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant, which has been a major supplier of electricity to all of Kyushu. However, in the years to come, we will need to skillfully use not only nuclear power but also energy from familiar sources (such as the sun, wind, and water) as well as next-generation hydrogen energy. Asupia is full of information and demonstrations concerning such energy. It is our hope that many children from Genkai Town and other regions will visit it and join us in thinking about these important forms of energy.