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Utilizing Genkai Town’s natural energy in energy conservation

From its very inception, Asupia-kan was designed to place a smaller burden on the environment. To help achieve this, it uses natural energy to reduce its use of air conditioning.

A 'solar chimney' that uses sunlight to release heat within the building

This item that resembles a glass smokestack is a "solar chimney". It is a symbol of Asupia-kan. The chimney is a system that uses warm air’s tendency to rise to release heat inside the building to the outside. It can be opened or closed depending on the season. It is mainly used during the spring to early summer and in autumn.
The black metal column passing through the center of the chimney has a hollow structure that easily absorbs heat. Short-wave sunlight passes through the glass and heats the metal column, causing the temperature inside the chimney to rise. This produces an updraft, as air in the building is drawn into the chimney and released through an opening on the top floor. The resulting flow of air generates a sense of coolness in the building.

figure of solar chimney

A 'solar roof' that uses the sun’s heat to control room temperature

The large roof over the multipurpose lobby and experience studio is a "solar roof" that collects heat from the sun.

Sending solar-heated air into the building in winter

Asupia provides a comfortable environment for visitors of all ages with equipment having superior design and energy-saving qualities.

A 'fractal sunshade' that brings natural coolness

A fractal sunshade that artificially creates the coolness of tree shade is used in the "sun garden." The sunshade is unique in that it not only blocks sunshine but is heat-resistant in itself. The wind and sunshine that seems to be peeking through tree leaves give a feeling of natural coolness.

a photo of fractal sunshade

'Floor air conditioning' in the seminar room

The seminar room is equipped with a system that blows air-conditioned air at foot level. It provides comfortable and highly efficient air conditioning by supplying cooled or warmed air only to those spaces in which people are.

a photo of floor air conditioning