Exhibition Room


Enjoy learning about energy by taking part in a "stamp rally" in Energy Island, where you can explore different types of energy, or through play at such fun activity stations as Energy in your Hands, where you will encounter "light magic".

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Visitor Center

This is the starting point for your energy exploration. Here you will learn how to use the activity stations.

Energy Island

Stamps for various kinds of energy are hidden here and there on the island. Moreover, the "apron theater" which understands natural big relation (circulation) is located on the back side.

Energy Island photo

Genkai Living

This activity station allows you to investigate and present information on Genkai Town. It displays specialty products and beautiful landscapes of this "energy town".

Genkai Living photo

Earth Studio

This studio equipped with a large screen can connect to points outside the Exhibition Room via Internet lines. Get live information from around the world here.

Energy in your Hands

Hold out your hand and an image will appear in it. Bring your hands together, and something even more mysterious will happen... You might even meet the Asupias.

Energy in your Hands photo

Energy Toy Box

Find a collection of toys that helps you discover how energy works as you play.

Work Place

This is the starting point for various programs and the place where hands-on programs are held.